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B2X Plug-ins • Version 2

August 2019 • Important note

The B2X Plug-in Suite Version 2 for macOS is obsolete.

For ambisonic production, we recommend using the following DAW and VST plug-ins:

Cockos Reaper | Aalto University SPARTA and COMPASS plug-ins | IEM Plug-in Suite | Matthias Kronlachner's ambiX plug-ins | Blue Ripple Sound's O3A Core suite

We recommend the following book as the reference on Ambisonics audio production:

Ambisonics: A Practical 3D Audio Theory for Recording, Studio Production, Sound Reinforcement, and Virtual Reality

Ambisonic Studio's B2X plug-ins, version 2, are Ambisonic plug-ins available in VST and Audio Unit 32/64 bit formats for macOS. The B2X v2 plug-ins aim at giving artists and producers the tools necessary to work with Ambisonic surround sound technology, but integrated with mainstream Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software like Steinberg Nuendo.

The B2X v2 plug-ins are made with SonicBirth 2, a visual dataflow programming language for the creation of Audio Unit and VST plug-ins. The B2X v2 plug-ins are in the alpha stage of development: the software and the information on this page are provided as is, without any guarantee regarding performance or end result.



B2X Plug-ins, Version 2 alpha • Updated on December 5, 2015

B2X v2 VST macOS • Intel binaries, 32/64 bit: should work with macOS 10.4.4 (Intel) and later.

B2X v2 Audio Unit macOS • Intel binaries, 32/64 bit: should work with macOS 10.4.4 (Intel) and later.

The B2X v2 plug-ins so far:

  • Tetra2B: generic converter from A-Format to B-Format. Works well with the SoundField SPS200.
  • Solo2B: monophonic signal to 1st order B-Format panner (encoder).
  • Duo2B: stereophonic signal to 1st order B-Format panner (encoder).
  • B2B: B-Format controller.
  • B2Stereo: B-Format stereo decoder.
  • MS Decoder: a simple MS decoder.

macOS VST and Audio Unit host applications compatibility to be tested.


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